Building Blocks of the Universe – LNdW 2023 @ IMN & CENEM

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During the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (LNdW) 2023 on October 21, we demonstrated how microcopy enables us to decipher the building blocks of the universe, and how this helps to understand and develop new energy materials with enhanced properties. We showcased the application of modern electron and X-ray microscopy techniques to investigate flexible organic solar cells, single-atom photocatalysts, superalloys for turbine blades, and natural photonic crystal structures as they appear e.g. on butterfly wing scales serving as blueprints for synthetic photonic structures with tailored properties.

After short introductory presentations, we offered guided tours to our state-of-the-art transmission electron microscope TFS Spectra 200. Further, we offered the visitors the opportunity to immerse into our 3D tomography structures – such as the photonic crystal structures on butterflies – with virtual reality screens and goggles. Visitors could warm up with mulled wine or punch to prepare for the cold outside temperatures.

We were excited to show our research and instruments to the numerous visitors and are looking forward to the next LNdW.