Atom Probe

Atom Probe Facility

Cameca LEAP 4000X HR

The Cameca LEAP 4000X HR is a lastest generation atom probe for the single atom or isotope characterisation of materials in 3D. For the investigation of metals, voltage pulsing is available, for experiments on semiconductors and insulators laser pulsing is available. Typical dataset sizes produced by the atom probe are 100 x 100 x 200 nm. The LEAP is additionally equipped with a mass-resolution improving electrostatic mirror (reflection). This allows the clear separation of mass spectrum peaks even in samples that contain a large number of different chemical elements. The micro counter-electrode allows for high sample survival rates. Sample preparation can be carried out using electropolishing for metallic samples and FIB based preparation for semiconductors, insulators and nano materials such as nanowires, particles and thin films.
For data analysis and visualisation, an integrated software suite is available (Cameca IVAS(R)). Additionally, custom software is available for the analysis of interfaces and dislocations, clusters and solute structures in solid solutions.

  • micro-electrode setup
  • 200kHz voltage pulsing up to 1750V
  • 250kHz laser pulsing
  • 355nm UV laser with 2┬Ám spot
  • very high mass resolution (typically > 500)