Germany’s highest resolution nano-CT settled in Erlangen

Erlangen 27.07.2017 – Zeiss Xradia Ultra 810 (nano-CT), a high resolution lab source X-ray microscope, has been installed in Erlangen and successfully passed the acceptance test. The instrument can provide a resolution of 50 nm thanks to its advanced modern X-ray optics. Being a dedicated tomography microscope that can be operated in absorption and phase contrast mode, this beautiful machine enables 3D analysis of a broad range of materials. This will further expand Erlangen’s portfolio of micro- and nano-characterization techniques and will support cutting-edge material research. A first study benefited from this instrument has been published here.

The nano-CT microscope has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) through the highly competitive initiative „Röntgenographisches Hochdurchsatzscreening für die Materialentwicklung“.