Investigating interface reactions in liquids at the nanoscale – Research of CENEM’s research training unit on the inside front cover of Advanced Materials Interfaces

In a recent publication, researchers of our associated GRK1896 present in situ investigations of reactions at a solid-liquid-gas interface using liquid cell transmission electron microscopy. The work published open access in Advanced Materials Interfaces (Art. No. 1901027: was chosen to become the motive of the inside front cover of the latest issue of Advanced Materials Interfaces (see image on top, Furthermore, it was selected to appear in two special issues on hot topics “Carbon, Graphite, and Graphene” and “Gold” of the journals Advanced Materials and Chemistry – A European Journal.
The paper describes the direct observation of the dissolution of a gold platelet at a liquid/gas interface and correlated growth of spherical gold nanoparticles. Careful analysis of the associated reaction kinetics allowed our colleagues to formulate dedicated reaction mechanisms that will lead to a further understanding of chemical reactions at the nanoscale in general as well as the model systems used in liquid phase electron microscopy in particular. For further information see: